My Life

My Journey - How Easy It Was To Become A Conservative Once I Opened My Eyes And, As A Consequence, My Mind

I had been a Democrat almost from birth, essentially because my parents were and because almost everyone of my religious persuasion was. I slipped into my politics almost like I related to my faith, i.e., with an unquestioning acceptance. And, like my religion I didn’t give it much thought; I was just too busy going through school, practicing law, and supporting my family. As a consequence, I just continued to worship blindly (as most continue to do) at the altar of my party of birth.

What happened? Why the change? In two words - THE CLINTONS!! It was actually that simple; watching them operate opened my eyes to not only their moral and philosophical bankruptcy but to that of the Democrat Party as well. The Clintons were, and remain, the best thing that has ever happened to the Republican Party.

It was the first time that I had actually given a lot of thought to politics; my sons were all grown and gone, I was retired and had a lot more time to devote to paying attention to what was happening in our country - a country that is very dear to me. At first I figured all the screw-ups (I believe that the Clintonistas called them SNAFUS, an acronym that was once commonly used in the armed forces to describe a chaotic situation) were part of the honeymoon period and thus somewhat normal. But as time went by, and these mishaps grew more frequent (as well as seemingly quite avoidable) I began to pay closer attention - and rapidly came to the conclusion that the Clintons were a couple devoid of any trace of either character or competence.

Looking more deeply into the politics of the situation, I realized that I had allowed myself to buy into all of the Democratic Party’s slogans, cliches, platitudes, bromides, etc. all of their lovely expressions of concern for the little guy, coming together in the Great Society and continuing to pursue their goal of a cradle-to-grave welfare state. The Great Society (put together by a President in whose Administration I was employed) was not just an extravagant waste of time, money, and energy but was actually counterproductive, i.e. not only did their programs fail to solve many, if not most, of the problems at which they were directed - they actually cemented those problems in place.

And the more closely I examined politics, the more I realized that I was not just more philosophically, intellectually, and temperamentally comfortable with the values and objectives of the Republican Party - I was a full fledged conservative. What did I want to conserve? AMERICA!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the Clintons for opening my eyes, not just to their utter and complete moral bankruptcy, but, more important, to the utter and complete moral bankruptcy of the Democrat Party and the great danger it poses - particularly with the Clintons at the helm - to America and the future of our children.