Mexico And The U.S. Would Be A Great Deal Better Off If Mexico’s Government Minded Its Business Rather Than Ours

Mexico And The U.S. Would Be A Great Deal Better Off If Mexico’s Government Minded Its Business Rather Than Ours


Ken Eliasberg

My respect for Arizona, already at a very high point, grows by the day. And not because of its new law on illegal immigration; that was a no-brainer. Indeed, all that it did was memorialize federal law on the subject, with the hope that it might encourage enforcement, since it was obvious that the federal law was not going to be enforced — at least not by the federal government. Arizona’s approach to English as the preferred language and its proposal re “anchor” babies demonstrate just how “American” the state is; at a time when any sort of patriotic expression is construed by the left as a display of jingoism, Arizona reminds us that there is still hope to return to our humble beginnings.

The most recent event which places the State once again at the center of controversy is the shooting — the very justifiable shooting, I might add — of a Mexican youth engage in throwing rocks at a member of our border patrol. Now these were not pebbles; these were stones that could seriously injure or even kill the recipient of such a blow. As a result of the death, the Mexican government got into high dudgeon, demanding punishment of the shooter. Indeed, it went further; it demanded extradition so that Mexico could administer the appropriate punishment. Now, even if we were to assume that the shooter acted inappropriately — which, again, in my opinion, he did not — where the hell does Mexico find the authority to carry out a favorable response to such a demand. Indeed, where the hell does the Mexican find the gall to make such a request. With any other president but Obama, it is doubtful that any foreign president would summon up the chutzpah to make such a demand. But since Obama fashions himself as president of the world, I suppose any member country could see itself as being justified in making such a preposterous request.

But my problem with this “leader” is that he, more than anyone, is the very source of the problem which gave rise to this situation. He presides over what may well be the most corrupt government in the Western Hemisphere — to the extent that the Mexican government governs at all. That is, at any given moment, it is questionable whether Mexico’s government presides over its country. And it is clear, that there are moments when large areas of the country are under the control of narco gangsters, and the federales — at least those not on the payroll of the narco gangsters — would be fearful of even entering those areas, let alone enforcing the law.

Moreover, if the Mexican government were doing any kind of job to create an environment conducive to prosperity, its citizens might not be so anxious to risk life and limb in entering America illegally. That is, if I can make a decent living in my native country, why would I want to leave, let alone risk my life in doing so?? And an even more revealing and telling comment on the complete falsity of the Mexican President’s outrage would be — where the hell are the federales protecting Mexico’s borders (against those illegallyl leaving as well as those who might be illegally entering? And, of course, they are not there. Why not, you ask? Because the Mexican government actually encourages their citizens to emigrate, and provides guidance as to how they may do so illegally (with America as the obvious destination). And they are not only illegally guiding them across the border, but, once there, they are (as I noted some years back when I dealt with this topic, i.e. what part of “illegal” don’t you understand) providing documentation to assure that their stay might be more secure, matricular cards, see, e.g. Mexico opens California office to provide ID for illegals by Sara A. Carter at the Washington Examiner online on June 3, 2010.

As noted previously noted, Mexico takes a much dimmer view of those entering illegally than they do of those leaving illegally for points north. They have no respect for our sovereignty, yet they take their own very seriously by providing draconian responses to those who violate the sanctity of their borders.

Now this situation is very disturbing — indeed, unacceptable and intolerable. But really smarts is that not only does our president do nothing about it (in this bit of dereliction he is joined by previous presidents of both parties), but he stands with this foreign president in attacking one of his states. And maybe that’s Obama’s real problem, Arizona is not one of “his” states, Mexico is. After all Obama is not merely the president of these United States, he is, in his global eyes, Emperor of the World.

And, finally, one thing that I do not understand and find difficult to accept is the reaction of the majority of the Mexican residents who are here legally, i.e. Mexican-Americans. Rather than encourage the conversion of their native land to something more compatible with the conditions that exist in America — i.e. to Californiaize Mexico — they seem to want to Mexican California by creating the very conditions that caused them to leave Mexico in the first place. Wait a minute, I take that back; I do understand the problem — it is all about the terrible consequences of multiculturism (which I shall look at in greater depth down the road) which holds that all cultures are alike, none better or worse than another. And which our current president, never missing an opportunity to downgrade American exceptionalism (indeed, always pointing out just how unexceptional we are in his many apologies — to every tin horn despot in the world who is doing much worse today to his own people than America has ever done to its — not to mention the great lengths that America, unlike almost all other countries, has gone to to atone for those sins)

Multiculturism is the antithesis of the traditional melting pot notion of America; you know, from epluribus unum — from many one. The Multiculits favor the opposite approach — from one many. It is a divisive approach, leading to the hypenation of Americans rather than their assimilation, i.e Mexican-American, African-American, Asian-American, etc. Even Aruthur Schlesing, the uber liberal (and Academic cover for a coupld of Dem presidents, starting with JFK), recognized the danger of such approach to the strength of American sovereignty, see The Disuniting of America — Reflections on a Multicultural Society, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (W.W. Norton & Company, 1992).

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